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By booking directly, hotels can invest more on the quality of your stay. Hotels thanks you by offering you more value as such upgrade, free perks, etc whenever possible.

Smooth stay

The hotel receives all your details and can personnalise your stay which removes unneccessary administration and back and forward.

Local food

Local procucers

While booking directly, hotels can also invest more into local organic food due to the reduction of commissions given to intermediaries.

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We propose a humane, ethical and responsible alternative to hoteliers, so that they regain control over their reservations, and to consumers wishing to contribute to developing more sustainable tourism.

Guests Experiences

Found the best rate on a luxury hotel on Book Hotel Direct in NYC I had been looking at for about 1 week .

We wanted a special room for our anniversary and they followed up quickly to let me know they could secure this room for me. We got a complimentary breakfast, late check-out and upgrade.

I am so happy 🙂 I found this new resource for booking future trips! I will absolutely use them again.

Date of experience: May 10, 2022
Veronica Fonda
Excellent value! I was looking for green hotels in Monaco.

I finally booked Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. Book Direct was the the best offer (with the American Express offer) and they made it a very special moment for my 10th wedding anniversary.

Thank you Joanna for your assistance.

Date of experience: August 29, 2022
Kevin Smith
Friendly site and very attentive team 😉

We use this site regularly when we stay at the Ritz London.

We also stayed 2 weeks in Cannes this summer - an eco-friendly hotel as well. The hotel teams were particularly attentive to offer us an unforgettable and magnificent stay. The reservation is fast and the descriptions clear. Thanks again, I'm really impressed!

Date of experience: September 21, 2022
Charlotte Matéo

Tips: Book now

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